Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Barleywine 2008

Another trip to the Whole Foods beer room. Man, I love that place. I picked up an Ommegang dubbel (won’t be reviewing it as I already drank it and forgot to write anything down) and a growler of Southampton Burton Ale—at 4.6%, this is an OUTSTANDING session beer (I drank the whole growler), but I also did so with my 11pm, post-lacrosse dinner, so didn’t write anything down.

I also picked up a sixer of Sierra’s 2008 Bigfoot Barleywine. I don’t think I’ve ever tried this annual offering so figured it was time. As there are six of these puppies, I managed to record my thoughts.

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.

Cisco, CA

Bigfoot Barleywine 2008

The Barleywine pours with a good, off-white, almost orange head that subsides a little but never disappears. The brew itself has a deep, deep amber hue, bordering on brown. It’s glassy and transparent, but not very; it doesn’t let much light through. The rich cascade hops in the nose smell like the flower’s cousin, marijuana. There are hints of citrus and something deeper, like raisins. Upon sipping, the alcohol (nearly 10%) is noticeable, but not quite overwhelming if you’re used to hoppy beers. The lace is beautiful and slides nicely down the glass, though I had just rinsed the glass prior to pouring—and probably had not dried it well enough. The flavor hints at the same citrus and raisin notes from the nose through the hoppy alcohol, and a great malty mouthfeel rounds out a big beer. This is not for those uninitiated into the world of hops, but it’s great to kick back and chill with this slow-sipper.


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