New Year, New Beer

I’ve resolved myself to being a better blogger. Yes, saying that makes me hate myself a little bit, but if I’m going to keep track of the beer-related world in which I live, I might as well be consistent.

I’ve ordered new grains from the good folks at Midwest Brewing and they arrived yesterday. A porter, whose dark grains I’m excited to use, and an IPA, with Cascade, Goldings, and Willamette hops. Lots of delicious hops. Heavy on hops. Hops make life worth living. OK, sorry.

The Giants have won, and Vin and I have been soaking our collection of bottles to get the labels off.

In da tub

So as the bottles soaked, we ate a lot of wings and are now prepping to start the next brew from our little operation. I’m off for a run and then brewing will commence. More to come, I’m sure you’re waiting with bated breath.


Let me dream! I have dreams like this.




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