Greatest Office Ever

I figured I’d get this post out of the way before December. My office had an Oktoberfest (I KNOW, I SUCK AT THIS) and it was strong to quite strong. Louis–pronounced “Loo-ee”–our resident Frenchman, who has since left, went and purchased a great deal of beer for us all to sample. I also brought in a double-deuce of Pilsner 89 for everyone to enjoy and it was met with a decent amount of enthusiasm. The common phrase seemed to be: “You brewed this? It tastes like beer!” Music to my ears. Anyway, the beer selection included some I’d already tried. Here was what was new to me:

  • Innis & Gunn
  • Fischer Amber
  • Black Sheep Ale
  • Tusker
  • Pinkus Pilsner
  • Oude Geuze Boon
  • Young’s Chocolate Stout
  • Heller Bamburg Aecht Schlenferla Rauchbier
  • Scaldis Dubuisson
  • Sam Smith
  • Ayinger Oktoberfest

Special shout out to the Heller Bamburg which had so much smokiness, it was like drinking a meat tray. It is certainly a unique brew and certainly not a session beer by any stretch, but well worth trying, especially in winter time. The alcohol does not overwhelm as the main flavor is pure smoke.

Also Innis & Gunn uses oak bourbon barrels which imparts a fantastic earthy vanilla flavor and thick malty mouthfeel. Again, worthy of whatever your local distributor charges.

Oude Geuze Boon was, to me, more a sparkling wine than anything else. Many of my coworkers thought it was champagne. Certainly there were strong apple notes and the carbonation was reminiscent of a lambic.


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