Pilsner 89 SUCCESS!

We waited and waited, but the day finally came. We chilled a few bottles of the suds and waited some more. I was a bit nervous as there didn’t seem to be much carbonation in the bottles themselves. I wasn’t too worried about any CO2 leaks, as our bottler was pretty rugged, but I wondered if the process of final fermentation was screwy.

Anyway, we brought out the bottle opener…

PrepThe First Three

So far so good. It opened with a nice rush of gas and left an enticing fog in the neck.

ready to pour

Still good.

beeries-5.jpg beeries-6.jpg




It was a bit thin at first, due to the refined sugar we used as a catalyst with the yeast, but it tastes like beer. Like pilsner. Like a decent pilsner. More to come, I promise. God, I am the worst. blogger. Ever.


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