And They’re Off!

I have been away, basking in the partly sunniness of Nantucket. However, before I left, Vin and I got underway. To make the wort, we steeped the grains for about 40 minutes, added the malt and stirred for about 30 minutes, then steeped our hops for a good hour. After cooling, the wort went into the primary fermenter and was sealed up with some yeast on August 16th. I returned on the 27th and Vin and I transfered the beer into the secondary fermenter and added the water. In a week and a half or so, we’ll add the sugar and yeast and start bottling.

Vin with the grains.Here’s Vin with the homemade cheesecloth steeping bag.

Hop for the bestMan, we love hops.

Again, we had no nylon sack so we made one out of cheesecloth and it seemed to work well. A bit more sediment got out, but with the siphon tube and the secondary fermenter, we should be in pretty good shape.

Our genius hop sack. The wort is in the big black pot.Hop Sack

wortcool.jpgThe wort needs to be cooled quickly.

We don’t have a wort chiller (yet), so a sinkful of cold water, ice, and ice packs was the next best thing on a truly muggy New York summer night.

And lastly here,

but not the least;

it isn’t beer

without the yeast.


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